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Grand Automotive CPO vs NON-CPO

It stands to reason that the better a product is made the longer it will last, which makes getting a high-quality.

Grand Automotive’s timeless commitment to quality, innovation, and durability is the foundation upon which the Certified Used Vehicles program launched in 2009.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars

A certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle is a used vehicle that has gone through manufacturers testing to make sure that it still meets the original requirements. Most are also backed by a limited warranty and has a certain manufacturer stamp of approval.

This approval is what makes certified vehicles so popular. It gives consumers peace of mind to know that the auto has been looked over by a manufacturer’s mechanic and has come out clean. These mechanics often have what is called a 160-point inspection list. As long as the vehicle checks out, it is given a certification that includes warranties and sometimes additional features like roadside assistance, special financing options, and free oil changes. This guarantee practically ensures that buyers won’t buy a dud. Plus, a “like-new” car for less is also great for resale values

When it comes to buying a vehicle, you’ve basically got three options – new, certified used, and non-certified used. While it is obvious what a new automobile is, many people are unsure of the differences between a certified and non-certified used vehicle and the pros and cons of each. In order to make your best decision, it is important to educate yourself to make sure you get the best vehicle for your money.

Non-Certified Used Cars

The downside to non-certified vehicles is a simple fact that “lemons” are more prominent. There is no real way for recourse once you dot the last “i” on that contract. But, many states are incorporating Lemon Law into their regulation books so you can possibly save yourself if you’ve bought a dud.can be risky business The bottom line……is be smart. Whichever way you choose to follow these steps to get peace of mind that your purchase is sound.

  • Search for a car you like and that suits your lifestyle
  • Run the vehicle identification number (VIN) and a CarFax Vehicle history report
  • Collect data from your research
  • Not all accidents are reported so inspect the vehicle yourself
  • Compare used car prices versus a Certified used car

There is never any guarantee with any used car so follow the necessary steps while keeping mind your personal preferences. If you need to pay to have that peace of mind that a certified vehicle brings, then do so. And if you want to save a few thousand dollars on a non-certified vehicle, then beware of the risk involved if you do so!

Before buying any vehicle always research and make sure you are knowledgeable on the subject so you can get the best bang for your buck. This article is your first step so you are well on your way!

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